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After 34 years of marriage, bestselling authors Drs. Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, Ph.D., know well that cultivating a healthy love relationship is an ongoing commitment. Their new book opens the doorway to thriving in love at midlife and beyond

Conscious Loving Ever After

Twenty-three years after the release of their smash-hit bestseller "Conscious Loving," Drs. Gay and Katie Hendricks, Ph.D., are once again making major waves in the way the world understands love. Their new book, "Conscious Loving Ever After," teaches people how to nurture relationships in midlife through elderhood and offers valuable insight to singles and couples both gay and straight. Over the years, these leaders in the relationship field have turned their own relationship into what they call a “living laboratory,” where the art of conscious loving is a daily practice.

“We are really excited about what we’re discovering in our own relationship,” says Katie, “and what other people are discovering. It’s not so much a recipe as it is a set of approaches that allow you to keep experiencing your relationship as a place of renewal and a place where there’s freshness. So you get to go deep, but also have the experience of things being brand new all over again. It’s never too late. With this focus on conscious loving at midlife and beyond—no matter what your relationship history has been—you can not only reinvent love, but you can invent love for yourself and you can reinvent your relationship.”

Body Intelligence

At the heart of the Hendricks’ work is the concept of body intelligence. People are familiar with the concept of body language, but most of us aren’t fully conscious of exactly what our body language is revealing about us, or how it affects communication with a partner. That’s where body intelligence comes in. “We bring in what people are doing as well as what they are saying,” Katie shares. “It’s a completely expanded approach to relationships. It’s not just talking about it; it’s what’s going on in the person’s body.”

Learning to Love Yourself

We’ve all heard about the importance of self care, and some of us have even heard it said that we need to love ourselves before we can truly love someone else. But what’s the reality behind those words? Why does it really matter? “Underneath a lot of relationship problems,” says Gay, “is one person who is feeling bad about themselves and they take it out on the relationship.” Gay and Katie help people to recognize this unhealthy pattern and provide a clear path for healing.

Breaking Away from the Blame Game

One of the most destructive forces in a relationship is the tendency to blame the other person. When we blame others in an effort to protect ourselves, we end up hurting our partnership. “Blame is the crack cocaine of relationships,” says Gay, “because it just takes a second to trigger a person’s adrenaline and defensiveness. We have an antidote to that. You’re always only ten seconds away from a breakthrough in relationships, but almost nobody knows that.”

Great Sex in Midlife and Beyond

As a culture, we are programmed to believe that it’s normal for sex after midlife to be anywhere from scarce to nonexistent. Gay and Katie share that this simply does not need to be true. “Relationships can be even better in the second half of life than they are in the first half of life,” says Gay. “Sex can be better in the second half of life.” Wondering what you can do to have your sexual relationships keep getting better after the age of 50? Gay and Katie cover the topic in detail in their new book, "Conscious Loving Ever After."

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